Swing Piston Pump

KNF compact NPK 06 gas pump provides flow up to 8 L/min.

0 January 22, 2020
by DE Staff

KNF launched its NPK 06 swing piston micro gas pump that measures 1.85 inches (47mm) wide, but produces free flow up to 8 L/min and pressure up to 80psig (5.5 barg). The latest addition to the company’s NPK swing piston pump series offers a 63% increase in flow-to-size ratio compared to the existing NPK 03 model. The full line offers 3 – 78 L/min flow with up to 80 psig (5.5 barg) pressure. NPK 06 is available with 2- or 4-wire brushless DC motors. Standard offerings include PTFE, FPM and PPS wetted components. KNF welcomes the opportunity to optimize pump solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

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