Tin-Can Stepper Motor

NIPPON PULSE PFCU30 motor produces 100mN•m of Torque, costs less than NEMA11.

Comments Off on Tin-Can Stepper Motor February 27, 2013
by Design Engineering Staff

Nippon Pulse introduced its PFCU30 integrated geared stepper motor as a replacement option for a NEMA11 hybrid stepper motor. With a standard 3/25 gear ratio, the tin-can stepper provides up to 100mN•m of holding torque and has a destruction torque of 300mN•m. In comparison, Nippon Pulse’s PJP28 (NEMA11) hybrid stepper motor comes with a maximum holding torque of 90mN•m.

Like most NEMA11 hybrid stepper motors, the PFCU30 has a 1.8-degree step angle and a 0.9-degree half-step angle. It also features 200 steps per revolution, a resistance of 5.6 ohms, an inductance of 2.1mH, and a starting pulse rate of 365pps. The motor comes in a package with a 30mm diameter, a total length of 36.5mm (end of shaft to back of motor), and a total weight of 75g.