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Torque Limiting Couplers

By DE staff   

Power Transmission Machine Building

Zero-Max Torq-Tender and H-TLC model options suited for corrosive and washdown applications.

Zero-Max announced that its Torq-Tender and H-TLC models, that operate as a coupling and an overload safety device, are available with options to fit the level of protection needed. The standard Torq-Tender devices have machined steel bodies with standard black oxide exteriors. Enhancement options for washdown and corrosion protection include nickel plated exterior with stainless steel hardware; stainless steel exterior and hardware; o-ring seals added to seal between the driver and driven halves; and food grade grease and/or dry lube lubrication. Standard H-TLC Overload Safety Devices have a composite body with plated hardware. Enhancement options include stainless steel exterior and hardware; stainless steel springs; food grade grease.


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