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SensorData Model T261 Series designed for in-line testing of fractional HP devices.

September 4, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

T261A(7-24-2012)_1.JPGSensorData Technologies introduced its Model T261 Series, a family of rotary transformer coupled torque sensors. Units are available in standard rated capacities of 5K, 10K and 20K rpm. Rated speed of the series is 10K RPM, with nonlinearity and hysteresis specifications of ±0.05% of rated output. Non-repeatability is ±0.02% of rated output. Series sensors are constructed of SAE 4340 alloy steel with satin nickel finish. The series also features an onboard shunt circuit for ease of remote calibration. As a rotary transformer torque sensor, the SensorData T261 Series requires the use of stand-alone AC strain gage signal conditioning electronics.

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