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Touchless angle sensors

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Motion Control Novotechnik sensors

Novotechnik has added the CAN J1939 interface to the RFC4800 Series of touchless angle sensors measuring angular position up to 360 degrees, turn direction, turns, speed and operational status. It can provide one or two output channels. It can take the place of an optical encoder but with longer life and robustness.

The RFC 4800 with CAN SAE J1939 output interface is ideal for mobile applications as it was developed as a communication protocol for heavy-duty vehicles. A status bit can signal a controller if a sensor needs replacement minimizing down time. It can average a programmable number of values to output to reduce external noise if present.

Other features include revolution counter, programmable resolution to 14 bits or less to adjust the amount of data output for angular speed from 0.055 to 2.2°/sec and programmable zero point off-set. RFC4800 Series has a resolution of 14-bits across 360°, repeatability of ≤ ±0.1° and inde-pendent linearity of ±0.5% of full scale.

The RFC 4800 is available with a large variety of magnets and connectors. Sensors are sealed up to IP69 and operating temperature range is –40°C to +105°C. Mean time to failure is 843 years. Cable and connector versions are available.



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