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Tri-Axis Yaw-Pitch-Roll Stages

By DE Staff   

Motion Control Machine Building

OES Yaw-Pitch-Roll Stage line designed for laser machining and drilling, scanning and tracking.

OES introduced its series of tri-axis yaw, pitch, and roll stages. The YPR-100-100-100-01 is driven by two-phase stepper motors, (pictured). The -02 version is driven by three-phase brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders mounted on the shaft of the motors. The -03 version is driven by DC servo motors and the -04 version is driven by stepper motors, both with quadrature optical encoders for position verification. The -01 and -04 versions have a maximum speed of 14 degrees per second and have a resolution of 0.001 degrees equal to 3.6 arc sec when the resolution of the micro-step driver is 10 micro-steps per step. The positional accuracy is 0.05 degrees, and repeatability is +/-0.01 degrees. Each axis is equipped with a HOME switch to signal the motion controller to reach the HOME position and a vernier scale. Each of these Tri-axis Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Stages can be ordered with a fully plug-and-play compatible multi-axis motion controller from OES.


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