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Type 3 Light Curtain

Pilz’s PSENopt II the world’ first Type 3 light curtain to be UL-certified for Canada and US.

October 6, 2021   by DE staff

Pilz has released its PSENopt II line of type 3 safety light curtains, the first to gain approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Certification confirms that the safety light curtains meet national safety standards in the USA and Canada. Suitable for Performance Level d (PL d) applications, the PSENopt II line provide finger, hand and body protection in accordance with EN/IEC 61496- 1/-2 “Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective equipment.” They are also the only light curtains available with a shock resistance of 50 g. As such, the extremely shock-resistant light curtains are ideal for rugged industrial environments.

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