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Moticont’s XYZ-10 three axes linear actuator provides micron level accuracy.

Moticont has released its XYZ-10, a three axis XYZ linear actuator. The actuator’s X and Y axes each have a 0.97in. (24.6mm) of travel and the Z axis has a stroke of 0.500in. (12.7mm). The unit’s brushless voice coil motors provide 6.3lbs (28.2N) of force and peak forces of 20.0lbs (89.9N) at a 10% duty cycle for the X and Y axes. The Z axis linear actuator has a continuous force of 21.2oz (5.9N) and 67.0oz (18.6N) peak force. The company’s VCLM-XYZ-51-032-025-070 three axis linear actuator stage features resolutions of 1.0 micron for the X and Y axes with a 1.25 microns resolution for the Z axis. All axes are equipped with a HOME switch. The stationary axis has a footprint of 2.00 in. x 5.00 in. (50.8mm x127.0mm) with mounting holes and an internal thread on the non-rotating shaft of the Z axis actuator.


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