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XY Alignment Stages

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OES’ AU200-200x200-01 XY Alignment Stage offers high resolution and high repeatability.

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) released its AU200-200×200-01 XY Alignment Stage. Supplied with a standard 4mm-per-turn ground lead screw, the stages feature 200mm (7.874 in.) of travel in both the X and Y axe and have a 250mm x 250mm (9.842 in. x 9.842 in.) open aperture. The stepper motor driven AU200-200×200-01 features a resolution of 1 micron when using a 20 micro-steps-per-step micro-stepper motor driver and better than 2 micron repeatability. The knobs on the AU200-200×200-01 Stepper Motor series can be replaced with an optical encoder for position verification. For even greater resolution, repeatability, positional accuracy, higher travel speeds and greater throughput, the AU200-200×200-02 and AU200-200×200-03 stages are supplied with three phase brushless servo motors and DC brush motors with quadrature encoders for closed loop servo operation.


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