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Motion Control

Dover high throughput mini-mag stages combine high throughput XY positioning with precision focusing.

Dover Motion announced that its MMG Mini-Mag line of precision linear motor tables are now available in aluminum-based versions with an optional single phase motor. For XY sample positioning, sustained throughput of up to 2,000 moves per minute is possible. For focal plane definition, the optimum Z position of the magnifying objective is determined, and the vertical objective positioning moves (<5um) are often accomplished in <20ms. Four options—25mm, 50mm 100mm or 150mm travel—are currently available. The MMG provides uncompensated accuracy ranging from 2um to 8um and resolution options ranging from 1.0um down to 5nm. Each model is capable of repeatability to ±0.4um (with 0.1um or better encoder) and is rated for 8kg load capacity. MMG stages leverage Dover single and three-phase brushless motors to enable control with various OTS drives and controllers, and deliver up to 20% greater throughout compared with piezo-driven actuators. No specialized piezo or proprietary motor/drive technology is necessary.


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