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XYR Alignment Stage

By DE Staff   

Motion Control Machine Building

OES XYR-300-400 alignment stage offers better than +/- 3 micron accuracy.

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) introduced its XYR-300-400 Alignment Stage, which offers +/- 3 micron accuracy, +/- 15 mm of travel in the X and Y axes and +/- 5 degrees of rotation (theta). It also features linear resolutions of the X and Y axis of 1 micron resolution with a 10 micro-steps per step motor driver and static parallelism of less than 0.05mm. Two-phase stepper motors are standard; however, servo motors with quadrature optical encoders are also available as an option. The 8mm diameter and 2mm per-turn precision ball screws and preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings add to its precision and stiffness. The stage’s table is 300 x 300mm and has threaded holes, plus a 110 x 110mm opening for optics, cables, etc.. The base plate is 400 x 400 mm and the height of the alignment stage is just 98 mm.


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