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Yaw-and-Pitch Stage

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OES’ YP100-45 series of dual axis stages feature full range of motion of each axis under a single fixed point in space.

OES unveiled its YP100-45 series of dual-axis stages that integrate of a rotary stage (yaw axis) and a goniometer (pitch axis) having a travel range of +/- 45 degrees. The line offers four motor options, including stepper motor driven axes (-01 version), three phase-servo motor driven axes (pictured, -02 version), DC Servo Brushed Motor Driven Axes (-03 version) and stepper motor driven axes with quadrature optical encoders (-04 version) for position verification. The -01 and -04 versions have a maximum speed of 14 degrees per second and have a resolution of 0.001 degrees when 10 micro-steps per step motor drivers are used. The positional accuracy is 0.05 degrees, and repeatability is +/-0.01 degrees. The -04 version has quadrature incremental encoders mounted on the stepper motors for position verification.

For higher speeds up to 45 degrees per second, greater accuracy, repeatability, and resolution, either the YP100-45-02, or -03 Stages should be selected. They are driven by brushed or brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental encoders for closed loop servo operation. The yaw axis is equipped with a HOME switch to signal the motion controller HOME position. The pitch axis has end of limit switched. Both axes have a calibrated scale for visual inspection. The pitch axis table is 90mm by 104mm and has a precision pattern of threaded holes for mounting tooling or fixtures. The large predrilled base plate facilitates mounting in new or existing applications, and adds to the stability of the stage.


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