Pushbutton emits halo-effect glow

The Series 84 ‘halo illumination’ pushbuttons from EAO Switch provides high-visibility glow that attracts attention to a primary function - for example, an on/off switch. The halo type switches are offered in three differing styles - either halo diffused lenses, units with halo illuminated switch bezels, or an animated illuminated bezel version which allows for chasing LED sequences, multi-color illumination, and partial bezel illumination.

0 May 14, 2009

For all versions, light is emitted around the edges of the lens by a 3 mm high-intensity LED. Halo diffused lenses are supplied with a pad printed silver gray lacquer. The lacquer is said to ultimately provide a barrier to illumination, except for the exposed outer transparent rim of the lens.

The series is a modular pushbutton system of lenses, switch/indicator housings and switching elements designed for a standard 22.5 mm cut out. A short-travel switching system with two independent contact points ensure tactile operation and reliable switching – even with extremely light loads, the company says. The switch range has a maximum rating of 42 Vac/dc, 100 mA.

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