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Stratasys has introduced the FDM 200mc -- a rapid prototyping and manufacturing system that is said to build parts with better feature detail and material strength than previous entry level FDM systems. Replacing the previous Prodigy Plus system, the FDM 200mc pairs the usage of a new material, ABSplus, with Insight software, to produce parts with improved mechanical properties and improved feature detail.

The ABSplus material has thermal characteristics different from ABS, allowing better flow properties. In addition, the Insight software’s extrusion flow-control parameters have been refined and optimized. The material’s mechanical properties result in parts up to 67% stronger than standard ABS, thus expanding functional testing capabilities. The 200mc has an 8 x 8 x 12 in. build envelope and offers two modes for build processing part quality.

In simple mode, Insight automatically manages the production of the part for a fast, simple, and efficient build. In advanced mode, users can manipulate construction parameters to change mechanical properties of the part. Advanced mode also allows users to pause the building process in order to place inserts or change material colors.


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