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Rapid prototyping materials guide

Comparative chart makes choosing the right RP material a snap.

October 31, 2011   Mike McLeod

Although the technologies commonly associated with rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing (FDM, SLS, SLA, Objet, etc.) are fairly well known, the ever-growing array of materials available, each with different material properties and appropriate applications, can be difficult to puzzle through.

To help its customers choose wisely, Montreal-based additive manufacturing service bureau, Axis Prototypes, has put together a comparative one-page rapid prototyping materials chart. While by no means comprehensive, the chart includes the most common materials associated with each process and suggest best application for each. In addition, technical specs — such as IZOD impact strength, tensile modulus and flexural strength, among others –- are displayed, side-by-side.

For comparison of injection molding materials with common rapid prototyping materials, Axis provides a comparison matrix on its web site.


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