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Roboze announces circular economy program for 2022

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Additive Manufacturing Sustainability

3D printer maker’s project to recycle waste material and 3D printed parts from customers.

(Photo credit: Roboze)

3D printer manufacturer, Roboze, announced it will initiate a circular economy program, starting January 2022, that will allow customers to return waste material and 3D printed parts to produce new material. The company says the recycled build material will be less expensive than the original.

“3D printing technology can be one of the solutions to combat CO2 emissions, reducing transport and producing just-in-time and on-demand. But if we don’t take serious actions and continue to generate plastic waste, then we will only become part of the problem,” said Roboze founder and CEO, Alessio Lorusso. “At Roboze, we don’t want to be part of the problem, but we want to be precursors of the solution. Our circular economy model will create zero waste and will represent and deliver the solution.”

Besides its line of fused-filament-fabrication 3D printers, Roboze is known for its ‘superpolymer’ ultra-rigid thermoplastics and its Roboze Distributed Manufacturing concept. This model involves specialized 3D printing centers distributed globally, which produce parts near the point-of-use to reduce transportation costs and warehouse inventory.



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