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E-RTG Drive-In L provides new standard for RTG electrification

Conductix-Wampfler has continued to optimize the “Drive-In” solution for

September 25, 2012  

Cylinders rated to 3000 miles

Bimba Manufacturing Company, a provider of pneumatic, hydraulic, and

July 31, 2012  

Airless tire quest is quietly revived

The pneumatic tire was invented by a Scot named

June 20, 2012  

Canadian firm pursues mechanical approach to fusion energy

Aiming to create the first net gain reactor, General Fusion’s design leverages steam-driven pneumatics in quest for the Holy Grail of energy production.

May 2, 2012  

Actuator Control Valve

Midland-ACS SIL3 valve helps systems builders meet IEC 61508 & 61511 safety standards.

April 25, 2012  

Piston sealing systems reduce friction

Simrit has developed the Friction Piston Seal T-ring (TR)

February 9, 2012  

Canadian firm looks to fire up first commercial fusion reactor by 2014

B.C.-based General Fusion thinks it may have the stuff to unlock unlimited, clean power.

November 30, 2011  

Pnuematic linear actuator

NFPA standards compliant linear actuator offers application flexibility.

November 6, 2011  

Linear Actuators

Exlar K Series delivers flexibility and performance.

June 14, 2011  

Non-contact in-cylinder sensors

Novotechnik introduces the TIM Series of non-contact linear position

November 23, 2010  

Velan gets nuclear valve contracts in China, work in France, worth combined $61M

MONTREAL – Industrial valve maker Velan announced Wednesday it

November 11, 2010  

Festo clean design guided drive DGRF

Festo Inc. – a supplier of pneumatic and electrical

September 2, 2010  


Schunk adds new sizes to line of 2- and 3-Finger grippers.

August 11, 2010  

The Future of Fluid Power

Research from U.S.-based fluid power center could realize significant gains in efficiency and help the industry find new markets.

June 9, 2010  

Fluid Power Roundtable ’10

Canadian fluid power leaders discuss the challenges and potential remedies for the industry.

June 1, 2010  

International Fluid Power Society launches Fluid Power Electronic Controls Specialist Certification

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) has launched its Electronic Controls Specialist (CFPECS) certification. Candidates may register for the CFPECS Certification test by visiting; testing will begin March 2010. Certification requires successful completion of a three-hour written test. IFPS Members may download a complimentary study manual; non-members may purchase the manual.

April 18, 2010  

Festo unveils new Customer Solutions Center

On March 4, 2010, Festo inaugurated its new Customer Solutions Center at its Mississauga, ON, headquarters demonstrating how it will better help customers find the solution they need.

March 23, 2010  

Maplesoft expands scope of automotive models with tire components

New add-on lets MapleSim users produce more accurate real-time vehicle system models.

January 14, 2010  

Torque limiter provides efficient overload protection

Nexen released TL Series pneumatically engaged, single-position torque limiters, delivering superior overload protection for industrial machinery.

October 29, 2009  

Electro-mechanical actuator

Aries Engineering Co., Inc. the manufacturer of HyperCyl hydra-pneumatic drive units now offers an electro-mechanical actuator. HyperCyl-ema is a servo driven actuator designed for precision assembly applications or applications not suited for standard HyperCyl or IntelliCyl products.

September 11, 2009  

WorldSkills Calgary 2009 kicks off

900 students converge on western province to vie for gold in 45 event categories.

August 31, 2009  

Altair broadens CAE platform

Altair Engineering has released Altair HyperWorks 10.0, said to be an even more powerful version of its integrated computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite. Included in the suite is RADIOSS 10.0, an implicit and explicit solver technology for linear, nonlinear and crashworthiness problems, that delivers new element formulations that enable analyses to be completed up to 7x faster than before.

August 25, 2009  

Website dedicated to conveying components

Wm W. Meyer & Sons has announced the launch of its redesigned website.

June 24, 2009  

Flange sensors on winding drive save time, improve accuracy in spooling processes

Amacoil/Uhing traverse drive systems for spooling and winding machines feature optional PLC-controlled sensing of spool flanges. Sensors mounted on the traverse drive unit detect the spool flange and send a signal to a pneumatic switch which actuates the reversal lever on the drive. Normally the reversal lever is mechanically turned when the traverse drive hits a manually positioned end stop.

June 8, 2009  

Vitector safety edges protect people and equipment

The VITECTOR unit of FRABA Inc. has introduced two versions of its ‘safety edges.’ Safety edges are devices that are mounted on the edges of large moving objects – such as doors – to provide a warning signal when the object comes into contact with a person or other object in its path. This signal prompts the control system driving the equipment to stop or reverse movement before injury or damage occurs.

June 4, 2009  

Festo pushes for greater efficiency

Festo is rolling out new services and products to help manufacturers increase the efficiency of their pneumatic systems.

April 20, 2009  

Get Safe, One Press at a Time

Modern digital controls bring stamping systems in line with today’s safety standards

April 9, 2009  

Fluid power research network launches new website

The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power has redesigned its website to make navigation easier and intuitive with both members and the general public in mind.

March 12, 2009