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ITT Interconnect Solutions has extended the current rating of its Cm5 series servomotor connector. Capable of handling current to 40 A in a low profile design, the connector is suitable for small servomotor applications for motor flanges of up to 150 x 150 mm.

Designed as a replacement for two mated pairs of circular connectors, the connectors are said to weigh 50% less, occupy less space and are one-third the height as compared to conventional connector designs.

The connectors feature crimp contacts, superior vibration resistance and are completely shielded and sealed, including two sealed entries for power and signal cables. The connector meets IP67 approvals.

The connectors use a 4-way (3 phases, 1 ground) power connector and signal connector providing several configuration options: 4-way sensor and brake, or 18- or 24-way signal. The power connectors feature a cable diameter of 19 mm, maximum current of 40 A at 80°C, contact resistance of less than 5 mohms., and a maximum voltage of 630 Vac.

The signal connectors feature a cable diameter of 11 mm, maximum current of 3 A at 80°C, contact resistance of less than 10 mohms, and a maximum voltage of 48 Vac. Insulation resistance for the connector is more than 5000 Mohms, with an operating temperature range of -40° to 125°C.



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