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Siemens’ Digital Experience Centre to show off industrial tech

Devin Jones   

Automation General Siemens UK

Visitors can see the merging of virtual and physical worlds with demonstrations of ‘digital twin’ simulation technology.

Digital Experience Centre

Photo courtesy of Siemens

Siemens has opened a fully refurbished ‘Digital Experience Centre’ designed to illustrate how its industrial customers can successfully embark on a digital transformation journey.

Located at the company’s Manchester headquarters, the demonstration centre showcases operational examples of transformative digital technologies which can enable industrial users to enhance productivity, support flexible manufacturing objectives, optimize performance and even open up new business models.

Visitors can see the merging of virtual and physical worlds with demonstrations of ‘digital twin’ simulation technology that can save manufacturers cost and resource when it comes to design and engineering processes.

Other open interface technologies, such as augmented reality, 3D modelling and virtual reality, which offer integration with Siemens’ industrial applications, including Mindsphere, Siemens’ open IOT operating systems for the cloud, are on display.


“We are already hosting many visitors from a variety of industrial sectors who are keen to see for themselves how existing and emerging digital technologies can help them tackle the challenges they face around performance optimization, productivity and future-proofing their operations.

Mindsphere showcases how simple, secure and encrypted connections from machine to machine are possible to help transform IoT data to deliver productive business results and offer opportunities for product and business model innovation.  

James Cottle, Team Leader, Factory Automation Specialists, Siemens said: “Our new Digital Experience Centre provides a practical illustration of the technological possibilities available to industrial users who wish to start their digitalization journeys,” said James Cottle, Team Leader, Factory Automation Specialists, Siemens.

“Siemens’ holistic approach enables us to work alongside manufacturers and signpost the best way forward in terms of digitalization adoption.  Digitalization is going to be the great enabler when it comes to transforming the UK’s industrial landscape and this new demonstration room is a key element of Siemens’ commitment to supporting manufacturers.  It is now possible for businesses to come to Manchester and assess new digital technologies in a proactive and practical way before they have to commit any expenditure or resource.” 


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