Smalley wave springs and retaining rings catalog released

For over 50 years, engineers have relied on Smalley’s Engineering and Parts catalog as an essential resource for their designs.

0 September 4, 2015

As The Engineer’s Choice for Wave Springs, Spirolox Retaining Rings and Constant Section Rings, Smalley’s newly released catalog offers engineers a glimpse into how its engineers partner with designers to deliver solutions that meet or exceed target application performance.

Whether a custom solution or a standard part is required, the catalog is said to provide the information to complete designs.

Included in the latest release:

• An updated introduction to Smalley describes capabilities, including its  
expanded product range, engineering expertise and industry experience in custom  
designs, quality and service and deliverability  

• An introduction to Bearing Preload series explains the benefits of using Smalley  
wave springs to prolong bearing life  

• Linear Springs, Smalley’s latest product, as a standard series  

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