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As the inventor of the edgewound wave spring and with over 100 years of manufacturing excellence, Smalley is the Engineer’s Choice® in providing wave springs, retaining rings, and constant section rings for all of your application needs.

High RPM Application? No Problem!
Introducing Self-Locking Rings! They are engineered to safely and easily secure your high-speed rotational needs.

Technical Guide: How to Solve Your High Rotational Capacity Application Challenges

Rotational capacity requirements for modern applications are higher than ever, especially in electric motors, gearboxes, and automotive transmissions. Many engineers struggle to find retaining rings that can withstand these high RPM requirements. Workaround solutions often results in more assembly time and costs more money, or even worse, fails in the application. If you’re facing high RPM design challenges, this Technical Guide will help you solve them! This guide will cover the different types of high RPM fastening solutions and the pros and cons of each solution:
• Design a custom retaining ring
• Add a self-locking feature to a standard or custom retaining ring
• Review a non-retaining ring alternate solution

Product Guide: Revolutionize Your High RPM Design with a Revolox™ Self-Locking Ring

The latest retaining ring innovation, the Revolox Self-Locking Ring, is designed with your high rotational capacity applications in mind. The revolutionary ‘dimple and slot’ design enables engineers to design around high RPM requirements safely, easily, and with ease of assembly for high production volumes.

Flyer: Benefits of Revolox Self-Locking Rings

This one-page PDF will cover the benefits of using a Revolox Self-Locking Ring for high RPM applications.

Ring and Spring Catalog and Design Guide

Looking for more than just a high RPM ring? Explore our Catalog and Design Guide! We have over 10,000 rings and springs in stock from 6 mm to 400 mm in carbon and stainless steel.

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