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Software facilitates linear drive selection


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The UH5 software program from Uhing Company enables rapid analysis of linear motion application requirements to assure correct size selection of Uhing rolling ring linear drives.

OEM designers and production personnel may submit linear motion application data by telephone or using forms on the Amacoil web site. Based on application criteria such as travel distance, weight of payload to be moved and desired ramp up time, Amacoil tech support specialists use the Uhing UH5 software program to quickly calculate required side thrust, linear travel speed and other useful technical and performance data.

The software saves time and eliminates trial and error in selecting linear drive size. Complex drive selection criteria are calculated in seconds including shaft rotational speed, drive torque, power requirements and shaft sag. Additional output data includes Fourier transformation analysis (showing drive displacement versus distance traveled at a constant speed) and dynamic simulation charts for visualizing shaft deflection off the centerline in relation to shaft rotation speed.


Uhing rolling ring drives are used to provide linear motion in production machinery for processes such as positioning, scanning, cutting, measuring, winding and spraying. Applications exist in a variety of automated manufacturing industries including textile, automotive, wire/cable production, metrology and CNC machining. Uhing linear motion assemblies feature zero backlash and a jam-proof, smooth shaft design.  As the exclusive North American distributor for Uhing, Amacoil provides sales, technical support, service/repairs and parts.


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