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Solidworks unveils plastics simulation software

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CAD/CAM/CAE CAD Plastics simulation SolidWorks

Integrated simuation tool extends SolidWorks usability to help optimize plastics part and injection mold designs.

Velizy-Villacoublay, France — Dassault Systèmes unveiled SolidWorks Plastics, simulation software that helps users predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of plastics part and injection mold design.

While an add-on, the software package embeds inside of SolidWorks and helps users determine whether changes to the part geometry, mold design, material selection or processing conditions will have a positive impact on the manufacturability of parts.

Solidworks Plastics is based on technology from SolidWorks Gold Partner, SIMPOE SAS. The company currently provides integrated functionality for SolidWorks, but new products will be offered under the SolidWorks brand.

Slated for an April release in North America, SolidWorks Plastics will come in two flavours. SolidWorks Plastics Professional is intended to help plastic parts designers test manufacturability of parts early in the design process.


Targeted at mold makers and designers, SolidWorks Plastics Premium will allow user to create single, multi-cavity, and family mold layouts as well as analyze sprues, runners, and gates; optimize gate type, size, and location; and determine the best runner layout, size, and cross-sectional shape.


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