SPEE3D printer builds 1kg hammer head in 10 minutes

SPEE3Dcell system leverages rocket nozzle to create high-density metal parts.

0 November 22, 2019
by DE Staff

During formnext 2019 in November, metal 3D printer maker SPEE3D, demonstrated its SPEE3Dcell system which printed a 1.012kg copper sledgehammer in 10 minutes and 2 seconds. According to the company, the process is 100 to 1000 times faster than existing AM methods.

The SPEE3D system uses a rocket nozzle to accelerate metal powder at high speeds and inject them onto a substrate attached to a six-axis robotic arm. During the process, the kinetic energy of the high-speed particles causes the powders to bind together to form a high-density part.

“What we demonstrated here is really just the beginning,” stated Byron Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of SPEE3D. “We believe ours is the fastest print demonstrated live at a show like this and we challenge other players in the industry to print a 1 kg part faster, whether it be metal, plastic or ceramic. We want to see development in the industry, and we look forward to pushing our technology even faster.”

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