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Study: Canadians rank higher than most in science knowledge

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Council of Canadian Academies study finds Canadian rank high in terms of science literacy, attitudes and engagement.

14-Aug-Canada-science-study-625A report released by the Council of Canadian Academies finds that “Canadians excel in public science knowledge, attitudes, and engagement.” For example, the study reports that 93% of Canadians surveyed were moderately or very interested in scientific discoveries and technological developments, which puts Canada first among 33 countries. The study (Science Culture: Where Canada Stands) was conducted by an expert panel and based on a review of relevant literature and a public survey of 2,000 Canadians.

The panel also found that Canada ranks first on a science literacy index among countries with similar available data and Canadians have some of the lowest levels of reservation towards science, ranking 1st out of 17 countries. Canada also ranks 9th out 17 countries in terms of attitudes regarding the promise of science.

However, the report says there are still topics that “need improvement”. For example, more than half of Canadians surveyed lack the level of science knowledge needed to understand current science and technology debates. In addition, while Canada ranked first among OECD countries in overall post-secondary educational attainment, only 20% of first university degrees are in the sciences and engineering.



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