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Submersible level transmitters range up to 50 psig


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AutomationDirect’s ProSense line of level sensors now includes SLT series submersible level transmitters designed for applications such as lift station monitoring, construction by-pass pumping, tank liquid level, wastewater, and slurry tank liquid level control.

Available in two styles, the ProSense SLT series submersible level sensors provide liquid level measurement by continually sensing hydrostatic pressure produced by the height of liquid above the sensor and providing a 4-20 mA output signal compatible with PLCs, panel meters, data loggers, and other electronic equipment.
The SLT1 series features a slim 1-in. diameter housing and a ported bullet nose cap for protection of the sensor diaphragm. The series is available in cable lengths ranging from 30 to 140 ft and with sensing ranges of 0-5 psig to 0-50 psig.
The SLT2 series features a 2.75 in. diameter PTFE flexible diaphragm surrounded by a 316 stainless steel non-fouling protective cage. Series is available in cable lengths ranging from 30 to 100 ft and with sensing ranges of 0-5 psig to 0-30 psig.
Both styles are fitted with a shielded cable containing an atmospheric vent tube and a tough polyurethane jacket which incorporates an exclusive “water block” liner beneath the jacket. The cable is attached to the sensor using an over-molding process to prevent moisture intrusion.
Available accessories include a desiccant vent filter to prevent moisture from entering the vent tube and damaging transmitters with vented gage reference pressure; aneroid bellows which fluctuate with changes in atmospheric pressure to maintain a constant barometric reference; junction boxes to provide a water-resistant enclosure for electrically connecting the transmitter cable to the user’s system via a terminal strip and replacement nose caps to protect the sensing diaphragm.
All sensors have a one-year warranty, include UL and FM hazardous location approvals for intrinsically safe applications and are CE marked.
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