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Amaprop submersible propeller-type mixers from KSB Pumps Inc. are suitable for maintaining circulation in large volumes of liquid such as in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment facilities. Mixers come in one piece (single vane) and weigh approximately 50% less than conventional propellers ñ a key benefit when de-/re-installing them for service.

The Amaprop propellers have KSB's ECB (Ever Clean Blade) profile to eliminate abrasion and clogging ñ even in fibre-rich, activated sludge.

Features such as heavy duty, permanently-lubricated, motor bearings and
a fully watertight cable entry also ensure reliability. The propeller
shaft incorporates a three-stage sealing system with two bi-directional
mechanical seals plus a dry-leakage chamber sealed with a labyrinth
ring to prevent water from entering the gearbox or motor housing.

As a final line of defence, moisture and temperature sensors mounted in
the motor housing provide a warning to shut down the unit before costly
damage can occur. The features, combined with the hydraulic efficiency
of the propeller, help keep ownership costs low. The units feature time
between scheduled service (e.g. oil change) to 16,000 h, or two years.
The mixers can operate in activated sludge at depths of up to 30 m and
at temperatures up to 40&#176C. They are available with ratings from 1.3 to
6.4 kW and with propeller diameters of 1.2 to 2.5 m.


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