Design Engineering

News Automation
January 21, 2019  

IIoT software developer acquires Ontario-based CoreSolutions

News General
January 14, 2019  

BlackRidge Technology rolls out identity product line for IIoT at CES

News Quality
January 14, 2019  

Rockwell Automation wins 2019 IoT Breakthrough award

News Automation General
November 6, 2018  

Data analytics firm Mariner, launches IIoT sister company Spyglass

News Automation General
October 31, 2018  

IIC’s Track and Trace Testbed Generates Requirements for New IIoT Standard

News Automation General
September 5, 2018  

Siemens acquires low-code platform specialists for $700m

News General Quality
August 15, 2018  

Canadian centric IIoT partnership to bring LPWAN software to “Mass-market”

PackPress Automation
July 25, 2018  

Optical multifunction smart sensor

News Automation General
July 20, 2018  

GE and Microsoft announce major partnership, standardize Predix on cloud platform Azure

News Machine Building Automation
June 26, 2018  

The IIC publishes Edge Computing in IIoT white paper

Feature Motion Control
October 18, 2017  

2017 Motion Control Round Table

News Aerospace General
July 20, 2017  

Lockheed Martin invests US$1.1 million in Ottawa AI software startup

News Materials
July 10, 2017  

Engineers develop super strong material for IIoT sensors

May 24, 2017  

2nd Annual Industrial IOT/Big Data Summit

Feature Automation
October 10, 2016  

Industry 4.0 Here and Now

News Automation
April 26, 2016  

Rockwell Automation, Cisco enhance IIOT Security