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News Additive Manufacturing
January 29, 2018  

CSAIL project enables 3D printed objects to change color post-fabrication

News Automotive Quality
January 3, 2018  

MIT researchers develop imaging technique for better self-driving cars

News Automotive General
December 28, 2017  

Autonomous trucks are becoming a reality on Canadian roads despite job threat

News Additive Manufacturing
December 18, 2017  

MIT engineers design super fast desktop 3D printer

News Automotive General
November 7, 2017  

Lamborghini partners with MIT for electric super sports car

News Automation
August 30, 2017  

“Socially aware” autonomous robot to observe codes of pedestrian traffic

News Automotive General
August 23, 2017  

Automated safety systems curb motor vehicle accidents

News Automation
June 12, 2017  

Robots fitted with tactile sensors show improved sensitivity and dexterity

News Defense Materials
June 7, 2017  

Engineered material for body armour inspired by conch shells

News Automation
June 7, 2017  

MIT system aims to make navigation easier for people with visual impairments

News Additive Manufacturing
March 29, 2017  

MIT researchers 3D print colour changing, sensor-laden device

News Additive Manufacturing Materials
March 24, 2017  

Ceramic foam inks used to control the structure of 3D printed materials

News Automotive General
January 18, 2017  

The moral dilemma of driverless cars

News Materials
January 11, 2017  

MIT researchers develop strong, lightweight material configuration

News Additive Manufacturing
October 17, 2016  

New design software simplifies multi-material 3D printing

News Materials
August 29, 2016  

New 3D printed structures can morph back to original shapes

News Automotive General
August 2, 2016  

Ford, MIT collaborate for new mobility-on-demand project

News Additive Manufacturing
June 20, 2016  

MIT researchers program and 3D print hair-like structures

News Automotive General
September 10, 2015  

Toyota investing in Stanford, MIT research centres to help automate driving

News Machine Building Automation Materials Motion Control
July 16, 2014  

Phase-Changing Robots

News Metal Fabrication CAD/CAM/CAE Materials
June 25, 2014  

Scientist develop ultra-tough, ultra-light 3D printed meta-material

News Automotive General
January 22, 2014  

Ford, MIT, Stanford to partner on automated driving research

News Automotive General
July 18, 2012  

MIT mech engineers create intelligent automotive co-pilot

News General
July 13, 2011  

Researchers print solar cells on paper