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News Aerospace General
April 18, 2016  

Rolls-Royce, Purdue Partner for $33 M Jet Engine Design Project

News Automotive General
March 31, 2016  

GM Canada president talks auto innovation with students

News General
July 2, 2015  

Canadian innovation continues to fade despite billions in federal cash

News Aerospace General
December 10, 2014  

Pratt and Whitney Canada to invest $1B in jet engine R&D

features General
August 6, 2014  

Tapping into Canada’s storehouse of engineering research capability

News Electronics Sustainability
March 11, 2014  

Scientists create super-thin 2D LEDs

News General
January 29, 2014  

Canadian super-glass bends but doesn’t break

News General
January 16, 2014  

Study: Language used determines success or failure on Kickstarter

News Aerospace Defense General
September 4, 2013  

Canadian government launches R&D tech demo program

News Aerospace Automation
July 10, 2013  

GE Aviation opens global R&D centre in Bromont, Quebec

News Medical General
June 12, 2013  

U of T electronic chip identifies deadly pathogens in minutes

News General
February 12, 2013  

Top 10 barriers to competitiveness for 2013: Canadian Chamber report

News General
February 6, 2013  

Siemens Canada opens new manufacturing facility in Pickering

News General
October 18, 2012  

Research Income Growth Stalls at Canadian Universities

News Electronics
July 31, 2012  

Largest Microelectronics Centre opens in Quebec

News General
July 3, 2012  

Canada falls from top 10 ranking of innovative countries

News General
May 30, 2012  

Autonomous robotic fish to track pollution

News Automotive General
May 29, 2012  

Canadian automotive R&D receives $22 million in funding

May 9, 2012  

Autodesk Research tests “under-skin” interfaces

News General
May 9, 2012  

Magna, CRIBE to add wood fibre to auto parts

News Automotive General
March 21, 2012  

Canadian automotive R&D receives $34 million boost

News General
February 22, 2012  

GM appoints veteran engineer to head R&D efforts

News Aerospace General
February 14, 2012  

Preserve or boost aerospace R&D funding says Canadian association

News Aerospace General
February 2, 2012  

GE opens $50M aircraft engine test centre

News General
October 19, 2011  

Ottawa’s R&D system too complex and full of gaps

News Automotive General
September 26, 2011  

McMaster, Ford and NSERC join forces to develop hybrid powertrains

News General
June 1, 2011  

Mobile machinery fuel consumption cut in half say researchers

News General
March 18, 2011  

Rolls-Royce announces CAD$225 million R&D investment in Canada