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News General
April 26, 2012  

JCM Capital Launches $10,000,000 solar development fund

News General
March 19, 2012  

Ontario lowers premiums for wind, solar power

News General
December 20, 2011  

TransCanada buys solar energy projects for $470 million

News General
December 7, 2011  

Cost of solar much lower than widely believed

News Aerospace General
October 25, 2011  

Inflatable, solar-powered plane takes off in Toronto

News Automation
October 24, 2011  

ATS Automation shares slip

News General
July 13, 2011  

Researchers print solar cells on paper

News General
July 12, 2011  

Queen’s-developed solar tech enters North American market

News General
March 16, 2011  

Canadian Solar Inc. to build third solar park

News General
February 10, 2011  

Solar power street lights illuminate western Canada

News Sustainability
October 8, 2010  

Siliken selects Windsor for new solar module facility

News General
October 5, 2010  

University of Waterloo opens Energy Research Centre

News Sustainability
October 4, 2010  

Advanced Energy expands operations in Ontario

News Sustainability
October 1, 2010  

World’s largest PV facility opens in Ontario

News Sustainability
September 28, 2010  

Starwood Energy closes financing on 30MW solar project for Sault Ste. Marie

News General
June 29, 2010  

Catching some rays

News General
June 28, 2010  

EDF EN Canada commences PV projects

News Sustainability
January 8, 2010  

Ontario solar power plant project finalizes financing

News Sustainability
October 19, 2009  

Ottawa dedicates Canada’s largest solar PV project