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News Automotive Automation
December 7, 2016  

UWaterloo team tests first automated car in Ontario

News General
February 26, 2016  

Three universities to lead Ontario in advanced manufacturing

News Medical Electronics General
January 13, 2016  

Non-contact device detects patient blood flow at a distance

News Energy General Sustainability
November 25, 2015  

Canadian researchers discover inexpensive oil sands wastewater cleaning process

News General
November 11, 2015  

GM Canada to establish research chair at University of Waterloo

News General
September 3, 2015  

U of Waterloo looking to fill co-op positions

News Materials
July 21, 2015  

Waterloo startup Suncayr to shine with UV sensitive ink

features General
March 5, 2015  

A Question of Experience

News Automotive Energy General Materials
January 28, 2015  

Canadian nano-tech to make windshield ice scrapers obsolete

News Automotive Electronics Materials Sustainability
January 14, 2015  

Waterloo researchers step closer to energy dense Li-S rechargeable battery

News Energy Materials
May 21, 2014  

Waterloo-developed nanotech to make LED light bulbs affordable

features General
April 22, 2014  

Open to Business

News Automotive CAD/CAM/CAE
February 3, 2014  

Waterloo prof wins $200,000 NSERC innovation award

News General
December 12, 2013  

Canadian engineers take on winter

News General
September 18, 2013  

New University of Waterloo lab aims to revolutionize wireless research

News General
September 11, 2013  

Canadian engineer’s spring-loaded skate tech prevents injury

News Additive Manufacturing CAD/CAM/CAE
June 19, 2013  

3D printing, testing firm opens doors to U of Waterloo

News Automotive General
August 8, 2012  

UWaterloo “Bikini Girl” finishing first

News General
August 10, 2011  

Southern Ontario SMEs receive funding boost

News Automotive General
April 15, 2011  

Pin-up photo crashes U of Waterloo engineering team’s Formula SAE bid