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Top 10 Design Engineering Stories of 2017


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A look back on some of the hottest stories and trends of the past year.

It’s a Design Engineering tradition to countdown the most popular engineering news stories, based on website traffic, for the year. Since 2010,  our audience voted with their click-throughs. The following are the top 10 stories detailing how engineers around the world changed the present and shaped the future in 2017.

10. Boeing vs. Bombardier: The fight continues

Boeing won the first phase with the ITC voting to continue investigating the Canadian aerospace giant’s subsidization of its CSeries jets. 

IOT Engineering Education

9. Tomorrow’s engineers need to learn IoT

According to McMaster University’s Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ishwar Puri, future engineering careers will depend on present education in cyber-physical systems and IoT integration.

8. 911 call inspires “quiet mode” for latest Ford Mustang GT


The new “Good Neighbour” features on properly equipped 2018 Mustang GT vehicles allow drivers to keep engine sound at a minimum if they wish and to program quiet start-up times in advance.

7. Canadian family looks to 3D printing to help save beloved dog

A seven-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog with a tumour on the left side of his upper jaw was given a customised 3D printed titanium implant that saved his life.

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali with the new Urus SUV

6. Lamborghini unveils its new Urus supercar SUV

The move into SUVs has become a natural fit for most brands, even supercar makers like Lamborghini, despite the risk of alienating aficionados.

5. Mechanical Engineering Salary Guide 2017

Randstad Engineering labour market analysis shows steady upward climb in engineering salaries across Canada, with the market holding at approximately 2,100 job openings per year until 2020.

graphene rice university

4. Scientists develop strong and flexible graphene material

Rice University scientists developed a chunk of conductive graphene foam that is reinforced by carbon nanotubes. This material can support over 3,000 times its own weight while easily bouncing back to its original height.

3. Canadian astronaut to take part in groundbreaking space experiments

David Saint-Jacques will study how the body’s immune and vascular systems function in space on the International Space Station in Nov. 2018, by wearing a so-called “smart shirt” that monitors an astronaut’s vital signs.

2. U.S. demands stringent new American content requirements, jeopardizing NAFTA talks

“You can’t have protectionism within a free trade agreement. It’s an oxymoron,” says Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA. Studies have found that Canadian-produced vehicles already contain 63 per cent American content, while those produced in Mexico contain 40 per cent, Volpe noted.

2017 top story

1. Bombardier claps back after US imposes duty on CSeries

Bombardier said the US has ignored aerospace industry realities, noting Boeing’s own practice of selling aircraft below production costs for years. And according to a DE poll, 34% of you said President Trump’s demand for stringent rules of origin on vehicles in the current NAFTA talks is just a tactic to skew terms in the U.S.’s favour before negotiations start.



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