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Adhesives Research, Inc., has introduced ARclean 90178 and ARclean 90176, two adhesives designed for perimeter spacer bonding in resistive touch screens and other similar electronic devices. The adhesives are double-sided tapes manufactured with an acrylic acid-free adhesive said to feature improved adhesive conformability and reliable environmental durability.

The tapes are also said to have low extractable anions and low outgassing of VOCs, and offer excellent resistance to environmental aging with the ability to withstand temperature and humidity extremes. The electronically clean adhesives reduce fogging and minimize corrosion, which preserves linearity of the delicate conductive oxide (ITO) surfaces and circuitry in touch screen devices. ARclean 90178 is 0.0035 in. thick and 90176 is 0.005 in. thick, both with the consistent caliper necessary for spacer application. Both products incorporate a polyester film carrier as an assured dielectric barrier between the bonded conductive surfaces.

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