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Universal Robots launches UR+ application kits

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Pre-tested “plug-and-produce” cobot kits integrate compatible components to address common applications.

As an example of the 20 UR+ kits, this “plug-and-produce” application integrates any UR model with a SCHUNK gripper and a custom machine design from Vention to automate CNC tending.

Universal Robots (UR) announced that it’s expanding its UR+ platform to include 20 pre-tested software and hardware kits for the most popular cobot applications. The UR+ platform is comprehensive ecosystem of products certified to integrate seamlessly with UR cobots.

“As the world’s leader in collaborative robots, Universal Robots is pleased to extend our award-winning UR+ ecosystem to include certified cobot applications,” says Jim Lawton, VP of Product and Applications Management at Universal Robots. “It’s a new arena where customers no longer have to select and specify cobot peripherals piecemeal, but instead get a kit with most of the needed components for their desired application. The results are faster deployment and faster payback.”

The expanded UR+ ecosystem now features two different categories; components and application kits. The kits are developed by UR+ partners with in-depth application knowledge. For example, Robotiq’s Finishing Kits are compatible with more than 20 pneumatic and electrical orbital tools. The kit allows manufacturers with polishing or sanding processes to leverage the kit’s built-in path generator to apply consistent force in each cycle and reduce programming time.

Many of the new application kits, such as the SPATZ – STÖGER Pick&Place Screwdriving Kit, consists of several different UR+ certified components controlled through a single URCap. The SPATZ – STÖGER kit integrates seven UR+ components providing automatic tool change and feed unit of fasteners through a pick and place system.


Some kits are globally available while others are available in specific regions or countries. The kits all come with “URCap” software that allows for control of all peripherals directly from the UR cobot’s own teach pendant in a 3D user interface.

“As the UR+ ecosystem has evolved, Universal Robots has listened to our customers’ feedback as to what would make implementation of cobots even easier,” says Jim Lawton. “With more than 200 certified products and 400+ developers in the program, the UR+ platform has expanded at a rapid pace, providing the most comprehensive component platform for cobots in the industry. The addition of application kits will further strengthen our position as the go-to place for fast and straight-forward deployment.”


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