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Using 3D Content Central models in DraftSight

How to import freely available 3D models into a 2D design environment.

January 25, 2012   by Mark Lyons, DraftSight Training Specialist

While the title may say 3D, Dassault’s 3D Content Central offers its vast library of geometry in a format friendly to 2D DraftSight users. In the following short video, DraftSight expert Mark Lyons shows how to slash design time from your next project by filling in DraftSight’s missing standard blocks with 3D data from DS’s free repository.

A DraftSight Training Specialist and host of the Lyons’ Share video series, Mark Lyons has been writing training materials for the mechanical drafting industry since 2008. The state of Massachusetts has recognized Lyons as a subject matter expert (SME) in the field of drafting. He received his teaching certification from Fitchburg State College in 1996 and served as a teacher for 15 years.


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