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Valve series VUVG from Festo

Festo has announced the VUVG series of direct wired directional control valves.

May 4, 2015   Staff

Available with a large selection of valve functions including the cost/space saving dual 3/2 functions, flow rates from 100 to 1380 L/min with threaded connections M3 to ¼ in., and inline or manifold mounted configurations.

Manifold valves are available with many features including multiple pressure zones, are easy to assemble, or can also be ordered fully assembled. The high flow rate to size ratio makes the VUVG among the most compact valve series in the market.

Electrical features include multiple voltages (5, 12 and 24 Vdc), available in both IP40 or IP65, and various electrical connection options including M8, and large LED indicators viewable from any angle.


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