Design Engineering

Virtual Event
Streamlining Machine Design 2023
May 9, 2023 at 1:00pm EST

Design automated equipment and robot cells in minutes

Speaker: Jeremy Andrews, User Education & Community Lead, Vention

Using a traditional design approach, it’s difficult for system builders to keep engineering design time and commissioning costs to a minimum, especially for custom builds. Vention’s MachineBuilder is the fastest and easiest way to design and order factory equipment. Available from your web browser, MachineBuilder, Vention’s 3D CAD software, is loaded with thousands of modular parts, smart design tools, and real-time pricing. Functional designs such as automated equipment, robot cells and tooling can be created and ordered in minutes, from anywhere. Join Jeremy Andrews, User Education & Community Lead, to learn how manufacturers have deployed projects 5x faster than traditional industrial automation, which translated into 40% cost savings when leveraging Vention.