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Virtual Event
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August 17, 2021 at 1:00pm EST

2:00pm to 2:45pm
Leveraging the Power of 3D Scanning for Custom Parts

Presenter: Brad Crozier, Account Manager, Ontario

Designing aftermarket parts usually starts with reverse engineering the surrounding environment—where the designed parts will be integrated—and converting it into a virtual 3D model. However, because reverse engineering parts and environments without sufficient accuracy can cause fitting issues, project delays, and additional costs, more and more companies have decided to replace their traditional measuring tape and opt for a 3D measurement method.

They have chosen to leverage the power of 3D scanning to design better custom-built products. By adding 3D scanning to the design process, aftermarket manufacturers are now able to reach the accuracy and level of detail required to design new, fully integrated, custom-built systems that enable optimum functionality and performance. Moreover, 3D scanners allow them to acquire the quality and quantity of data required for complex designs.

Leverage the Power of 3D Scanning to Design Better Products


Brad Crozier
Brad Crozier, C.E.T has been working with the Creaform technology since 2014. His professional career began after graduating from the Mechanical Engineering program offered by Georgian College and starting at a local Creaform industry partner working as an Application Engineer. Working with Creaform his work involved implementation of various portable 3D scanning solutions, supporting multiple customers during the implementation process, and providing full technical support and training. In Brad’s role as Account Manager for Creaform, he identifies applications that would significantly benefit from the portable 3D scanning technology by reducing time, ensuring accuracy and saving money.