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HARTING develops the world’s most reliable connectivity solutions for harsh environments for critical applications.  HARTING is best known for their reliable industrial connectivity solutions that transmit power, signal, data, and more from A to B.  HARTING invented the rectangular connector, which offered ease of use and space savings compared to MIL-SPEC connectors.  Following, HARTING became experts in board level connectors.  Recently HARTING has focused on the advancement of Industrial Ethernet and the IIoT.  They have driven the standardization of Industrial Single Pair Ethernet with the launch of their T1 connector in 2019.

HARTING T1 Industrial – the Standard Mating Face for Industrial Single Pair Ethernet

The T1 Industrial can accomplish communication across the common industrial Ethernet protocols (Ethernet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, and others) with a single twisted pair of wires instead of four or eight wires. This connector utilizes power-over-data-line (PoDL) technology to bring communication, voltage, and amperage needed to power the device.

With this connector, the number of connections on the device is reduced, eliminating the need for an external power supply, and the devices on the plant floor that traditionally communicate over Fieldbus protocols can join the same IP-based network as the other devices. This enables peer-to-peer communication, open-loop feedback of all devices, and smart functionality from the main control room to the device.

To be truly standard for industrial applications, the mating interface is designed to be the same and interoperable across all IP ratings. Its robust industrial design offers locking lever protection, 360° shielding, and high mating cycles.

PR 568: Award winner ix Industrial® featured in two variants at SPS IPC Drives / Award-Gewinner ix Industrial® in zwei Varianten auf der Messe SPS IPC Drives – T1

The T1 Industrial’s mating face is standardized according to IEC 63171-6 (formerly IEC 61076-3-125) and, it meets IEEE 802.3 requirements for Single Pair Ethernet. The connector is ideal for the construction of future-proof and standardized Single Pair Ethernet communication networks with standardized cabling according to ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA 42.

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