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Linear Guideways

HIWIN’s linear guideways offer accurate and repeatable linear motion, high load capacity, and easy installation and maintenance. Made from high-quality materials and manufactured to precise specifications, they can handle heavy loads without compromising performance or smoothness of motion. These guideways are suitable for most industrial applications, including machine tools, robotics, semiconductor equipment, medical devices, and automation systems.

Different environments and applications may require different customization options to optimize the performance and extend the service life of these components. Some linear guideway customizations consist of a self-lubricating linear guideway, metallic end caps for heat resistance, and dust-proof caps and reinforced caps (available in synthetic resin with an elastic ring, brass, etc.) to prevent debris/particles as well as extending the service life of the products.

The lubricating linear guideway eliminates manual lubrication by incorporating materials and coatings that allow it to lubricate itself. This customization is beneficial for lubrications that are difficult or impossible to reach, reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring consistent performance over a long service life.

Metallic end caps provide additional protection for the guideway against high temperatures, preventing thermal deformation and ensuring smooth and accurate motion control even in extreme environments. This customization option is for applications involving high temperatures or intense heat exposure. For situations where a standard block cannot operate due to the high working temperatures, the SE option is available for use.

Dust-proof caps and reinforced caps prevent debris and particles from entering the guideway, which can cause damage and reduce its service life. Dust-proof caps are typically made of synthetic resin and come with an elastic ring that provides a tight seal. Reinforced caps created using brass or stainless steel add protection against impacts and wear. These customization options help reduce maintenance requirements, improve efficiency, and increase reliability, making linear guideways an essential component of many industrial systems.

Multi-Axis Systems

HIWIN’s multi-axis systems offer advanced features that ensure consistent performance and easy maintenance. These systems handle the most demanding industrial environments, providing high-level accuracy and efficiency over a long service life. Made from an extensive product portfolio allows for custom solutions that can help customers improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance their overall operations. These custom solutions are tailored to meet specific customer requirements, including multiple axes of motion control, such as linear, rotary, and tilting motions, integrated with sensors, controllers, and other components.

HIWIN’s multi-axis systems can handle complex motion control tasks due to the ease of operation and maintenance. These systems are intuitive and easy to operate, with a straightforward interface that allows operators to quickly and easily program to control their movements. Maintenance requirements are minimal, thanks to the advanced sealing and lubrication systems that help prevent contamination and wear. These systems incorporate advanced software and hardware components that enable precise and coordinated movement in multiple axes, ensuring accurate and efficient motion control in applications.

HIWIN’s multi-axis systems are an excellent choice for industrial applications requiring high-performance, precise, and coordinated motion control in multiple axes. With their advanced features, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements, these systems can help improve the efficiency and productivity of industrial systems.

About Hiwin
For over 30 years, HIWIN Corporation, based near Chicago, IL, a subsidiary of HIWIN Technologies Taiwan, has supported North American manufacturers with precision linear and rotary components and motion control systems solutions. We cut, machine and assemble on-site for the fast shipping of a large inventory of stocked components. Our capabilities enable us to effectively and efficiently co-design high-quality motion systems to accommodate the requirements of OEMs and integrators. Contact a HIWIN engineer for recommendations for your next project.

Products include: Linear Guideways, Ballscrews & Supports, Ballsplines, Linear Motors, Single Axis Stages, Multi Axis Precision Positioning Platforms, Crossed Roller Bearings, Torque Motor Components, Torque Motor Rotary Tables, Direct Drive Rotary Tables, Datorker® Strain Wave Gearing System, Positioning Measurement Systems, AC Servo Motors, Drives, Controllers, Articulated and SCARA Robots, End Effectors, Grease & Guns.