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MISUMI is Configured to Save You Time

MISUMI is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for factory automation, press die, and plastic mold components. With a vast selection of over 80 sextillion standard and customized parts, we are an unmatched, one-stop-shop to meet customer specifications. Our powerful configurator allows designers to select a component with the exact specifications needed, from material to surface treatment with some dimension increments as fine as a micron. 3D CAD models, pricing, and lead time are instant after configuration. MISUMI is committed to empowering customers to do incredible design work, incredibly fast, at the lowest possible cost.


There are 3 basic types of loading that are considered for linear guide calculations; radial (or compressive) loads, reverse radial (or tensile) loads, and lateral (or horizontal) loads. Many linear guides are designed to handle all of these loading directions equally. In addition to the pure directional loading, many linear guides are subjected to rotational or moment loads. While the ratings in the catalog may use a different letter depending on the manufacturer, the names of the moments are common across the industry. The pitch moment is a tilting or rocking front to back along the axis of travel. Pitch moments are common during acceleration and deceleration. The next moment is the yaw moment. The yaw moment is a horizontal tilt or rocking side to side along the axis of travel. This would commonly result from off center lateral loading. The final moment is the roll moment. The roll moment is a vertical tilt or rocking side to side. This can be a result of lateral or radial loads, depending on the load locations

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