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The BlueWave LED visible light, high-intensity spot curing system from Dymax Corp. generates light using an array of surface mount LEDs instead of traditional metal halide or mercury bulbs. The LEDs produce visible light energy in a relatively narrow wavelength band centered at 410 nm, as contrasted to a typical broad band, high-pressure UV bulb (300 to 500 nm).

July 18, 2008   Staff

The system emits a maximum visible light intensity output of over 2,500 mW/cm2 from an 8 mm diameter lightguide, and allows users to adjust intensity output from 0% to 100%. The relatively narrow band produced by LEDs is said to generate cooler curing temperatures. The system is suitable for spot curing of coatings, as well as adhesive bonding of polycarbonate, PVC, PET, metal, glass and other substrates.

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