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Webinar: How to take the guesswork out of bearing selection

April 22 at 1:00 p.m. EDT: Learn how to use SKF’s free online simulation software to choose the optimal bearing or rotational solution for your application.

April 14, 2021   by DE Staff

SKF’s SimPro Quick bearing application simulation software. (Photo credit: SKF)

Today, almost any type of machinery designed has a rotating element. To assist engineers, SKF has developed a range of online design tools that can reduce the uncertainties of what to choose in any particular application.

On April 22 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, SKF and Design Engineering will present a webinar about the online tools available to design the most functional, robust and cost-effective rotating solution.

The webinar will showcase the tools that help engineers quickly simulate different options and view the results, allowing for better informed design decisions. The webinar will cover the steps from basic to advanced selection of bearings and lubrication. It will guide participants through the process of understanding relevant application requirements and specific conditions to their rotating arrangement.

SKF’s webinar will also showcase some of the more advanced bearing simulation tools, where customers can integrate gear sets or other additional components in their design.


Cheryl Ramos, an Application Engineering Manager at SKF Canada will be the featured speaker. A graduate from the University of British Columbia, she is a mechanical engineer by trade with over 15 years of experience in bearing selection, bearing failure analysis, and software simulation.
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