Design Engineering

Disruptive trends shaping the automation industry

Mike McLeod   

Webinar Automation

Scaling with Automation

Optimizing flexibility and scalability in system design via standardized, interconnectable sub-systems and platforms instead of custom designing each project from scratch. Speaker: Simon Drexler P.Eng, Director of LMT Products, ATS Automation


The Democratization of Industrial Automation

Simplifying and shortening the design process via technological strategies such as codeless programming, physically “taught” cobots, comprehensive digital design tools. Speaker: Etienne Lacroix, Founder & CEO, Vention


Plug and Produce Automation

Machine design that enables interoperability with a focus on open platforms and standards (e.g. Linux OS, IEC 61499, OPC UA/MQTT) and a move away proprietary solution lock-in. Speaker: Andre Babineau, Marketing Director, Schneider Electric Canada

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