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Additive manufacturing industry expanded by more than $1.25 billion in 2017


Additive Manufacturing 3D printing Wohlers Report

Wohlers Report 2018 shows a dramatic rise in metal additive manufacturing and overall industry growth of 21 percent.

Wohlers Associates have officially released its industry-leading global report on the state of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry.

The report was developed with the support of 92 service providers, 64 manufacturers of industrial AM systems, and 19 producers of third-party materials and desktop 3D printers. It also documents government-sponsored research and development, collaborations and consortia, and the activities of 110 academic and 11 research institutes around the world. Wohlers Report 2018 includes the shared data and expertise from seventy-six co-authors and contributors from 32 countries.

This year’s report offers readers new and expanded sections that are applicable to today’s AM market shareholders, including design for additive manufacturing, post-processing, and an impressive range of startup companies and research initiatives.

According to Wohlers Report 2018, an estimated 1,768 metal AM systems were sold in 2017, compared to 983 systems in 2016, an increase of nearly 80%.


This stat supports the finding that global manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using metal additive manufacturing tech to produce parts. The report also suggests that manufacturers have more confidence in metal AM systems due to improved process monitoring and quality assurance measures — although more work is ahead.

In 2017, there were over 135 companies around the world producing and selling industrial AM systems — machines that sell for more than $5,000 — up from 97 companies in 2016. According to the report, new system manufacturers are entering the market at a rapid pace, offering machines with open material platforms, faster print speeds, and lower pricing.

The 344-page Wohlers Report 2018 includes 36 charts and graphs, 110 tables, and 192 photographs and illustrations. It also includes more than 160 pages of supplemental online information that is available to buyers of the report.



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