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World’s smallest 3D printing pen primed for Kickstarter launch

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$139 Lix pen lets artists sketch in any direction using standard ABS filament.

14-Apr-Lixpen-3d-printing-625For those who liked the idea of the 3D Doodler — a hand-held pen that draws in three dimensions using filaments of ABS plastic — but didn’t warm to its bulky size, a sleeker version of the same concept is due to hit Kickstarter in the coming weeks.

14-Apr-Lixpen-3d-printing-360Purported to be the smallest 3D pen available, the aluminium Lix 3D printing pen works similar to a glue gun. The ABS or PLA filament associated with FDM-style 3D printers feeds through the top of the pen and is melted by a heating element near the nib.

Once extruded, the plastic cools fast enough to allow for lines and curves to be drawn not only on a flat surface but vertically or at an angle. Buttons on the side of the Lix control the extrusion rate and power is supplied by plugging the pen into a USB port.

When the Lix becomes available for pre-order on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, its creators say it will cost US$139 and come in either black or white.



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