Siemens signs major deal to rollout IIOT in China

Their open IoT operating system Mindsphere will be made available on Alibaba Cloud.

0 July 16, 2018
Devin Jones


Siemens hasn’t announced a launch date of the new memorandum.

Siemens has signed a partnership with China’s largest provider of public cloud services, in an effort to establish an IIOT industry within the country.

Siemens will utilize their open IoT operating system MindSphere to be made available on the Alibaba Cloud, the cloud-computing arm of China’s Alibaba Group.

With German Chancellor Angela Markel in attendance, Simens president Joe Kaeser and his Alibaba Cloud counterpart Simon Hu signed a memorandum of understanding in Berlin, noting their hopes of building an IIOT solution for China’s Industry 4.0.

“Today, we further strengthen our global leadership in automating and digitalizing the Industrial world,” said Kaeser. “We continue to build our global industrial digital network by partnering with Alibaba Cloud. This cooperation is a landmark deal for bringing Industrie 4.0-solutions to China as the world’s powerhouse of manufacturing.”

Founded in 2009, the Singapore located Alibaba Cloud has operational headquarters stretching from Dubai to London, providing a general suite of services expected from cloud based software including work within Alibaba Group’s e-commerce ecosystem.

“We are delighted to partner with Siemens and together we hope to accelerate the adoption of IoT products and services that will create industry-wide breakthroughs and progress,” Hu said.

No timeline was given as to the launch of the new memorandum. 



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