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Electro Magnets
Magnetool Inc
At Magnetool Inc., we design and manufacture many magnetic and electromagnetic devices for material handling, holding, lifting, demagnetizing and filt...

Floor Protectors Felt
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.
Your furniture is unique, and finding the right shape for your floor protectors can be tricky. The Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. offers you custom-designed fel...

					medical 1
Medical Equipment
Daburn Electronics & Cable and Polytron Devices
Polytron Devices, the power-supply division of Daburn Electronics & Cable, is a top source for power converters designed specifically for use in the me...

Accumulating Conveyors
Norpak Handling Limited
Norpak Handling Limited designs and manufactures accumulating and other conveyors. With facilities in Toronto and  Vancouver, we provide top-quality equip...

Swivel Hoist Rings
Ken Forging
Ken Forging Inc. can offer a variety of swivel hoist rings including metric, longbar, and standard U-Bar types. Our safety swivel hoist rings are made with...

Rivetless Chain
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. can supply drop forged rivetless chain. This chain is used in a variety of industries for trolleys, scraper flights, assembly convey...