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News Automotive Quality
February 4, 2019  

Metrolinx to slap Bombardier with financial penalties over late LRT car delivery

News Automotive General Quality
January 14, 2019  

Ontario premier to meet with GM, union president in Detroit

News Quality
January 14, 2019  

Rockwell Automation wins 2019 IoT Breakthrough award

News Aerospace General Quality
January 3, 2019  

China lands spacecraft on ‘dark’ side of moon in country first

News Quality
December 18, 2018  

Steel, aluminum tariffs impacting one third of Canadian exporters: poll

News Medical General Quality
December 4, 2018  

First Mako Rio surgery robot comes to Hamilton, Ontario

News Quality
November 30, 2018  

Microsoft announces new additions to IoT platform Azure

News Quality
November 14, 2018  

Periodic table of Canadian tech

product Machine Building Materials Quality
November 12, 2018  

Robotic cutting torch

News Machine Building Quality
November 12, 2018  

Waterloo University opens advanced robotics facility ‘Robohub’

News Aerospace Quality Sustainability
November 12, 2018  

David Saint-Jacques preparing for liftoff earlier than originally planned

News Machine Building Electronics General Materials Quality
October 31, 2018  

Go from design to physical circuit board in three minutes with “smart film”

News Medical Materials Quality Sustainability
October 31, 2018  

McMaster researchers develop “smart surface” that repels and accepts specific substances

News Energy General Quality
October 30, 2018  

GE slashes dividend, takes $22 billion hit in 3Q

News Machine Building General Quality
October 29, 2018  

Humber College teams up with Cimetrix to bring additive manufacturing to the classroom

News Machine Building General Quality Sustainability
October 23, 2018  

Ashored Innovations creates ropeless trap to help with marine animal entanglement

News Defense Materials Quality
October 22, 2018  

U.S. firm Lockheed Martin gets first crack to design $60B Canadian warships

News Machine Building General Quality
October 22, 2018  

Canam-Ponts wins $12 million contract to build buoys for Canadian Coast Guard

News General Quality
October 10, 2018  

Kuka Canada Inc. and Humber College team up to bring cobots to the classroom

product Machine Building Quality
October 2, 2018  

3D Scan Sensors

News General Quality
September 25, 2018  

Concordia University names engineering dept. after alum, Gina Cody

News Quality
September 25, 2018  

Gryphon International Engineering rebrands as CHA Canada

News Machine Building General Quality Sustainability
September 19, 2018  

Waterloo students create a system to help visually impaired using touch screens

News Automation General Quality
September 10, 2018  

Stihl unveils autonomous lawnmower, uses lawn clippings as natural fertilizer

News General Quality
August 22, 2018  

Canadian engineering firm Stantec continues UK purchases, acquires Peter Brett Associates to increase international presence

News Quality Sustainability
August 21, 2018  

U of T’s Myhal Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre to be open for fall semester

News General Quality
August 15, 2018  

Canadian centric IIoT partnership to bring LPWAN software to “Mass-market”

News Automotive General Quality
August 14, 2018  

U.S. President Trump threatens auto tariffs against Canada if trade talks fail